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“The best brands are story catalysts – it’s not about them, it’s about you.

An ambassador is a diplomatic representative, a figurehead for their country of origin by which they exhibit aspects that align with the particular country to represent. An ambassador’s job includes concentrating on specific areas of the country’s government, including trade, military involvement and cultural relationships. An ambassador will also smooth relations between countries, as they send information about economic and political development in their host country to their home abroad. Do you see countries importing ambassadors of a different society and language? Most likely not. A country’s ambassador must be a citizen of the country, one of the people, from the people, embracing the country’s traditions and intelligence.

Your brand is a country and your employees are the ambassadors

One of the team, from the team, embracing the brand’s values, moving forward to its vision while carrying the quality of the brand’s mission. Your employees represent the brand where we see it commonly expressed when an employee presents their business card where they utter their name, and their brand’s name. And if you look at it, you will find that the introductory sequence positions your brand’s name as the employee’s second family name.

By the existence of this occurrent reality, it is a given that the employees are naturally brand ambassadors. These brand ambassadors are responsible for representing the brand at its best face, by making sure that it functions on a high performance, and that its relationship with its consumers is smooth and strong. Evoking a sense of commitment to employees will enable you to adopt them as brand ambassadors.

The big word “commitment”, a hard pill to swallow for most of us. With commitment comes some restriction of freedom and more self-sacrifice. Yet with this restriction comes a form of security that actually drives more commitment. By definition, commitment is a stabilizing or binding force (mind-set), which directs behavior, whether its commitment to a person, an organization, or a goal. The main keyword to commitment is bind – being bound to a particular cause. As an employer, what do you offer to have your employee bound to your brand? What is the force that will attract your employee to cling to your brand like you are? You want your employees to be your brand ambassadors.

Employees who are committed to a brand feel a connection with it, feel that they fit in, and feel that they understand the mission and vision of that brand. The added value of such employees is that they tend to be more determined in their work, show relatively high productivity and are more proactive in offering their support; therefore, easing the process of achieving the brand’s mission and vision. The first ambassadors of any brand are the employees behind it. Accordingly, it is very important to invest in your employees first, for the people creating the brand represent it even before the customers.

So, how can you build employee loyalty and commitment? By targeting the employee’s intrinsic and extrinsic motivations alongside with highlighting the importance of your brand and its impact to the community as a whole.

Employee Orientation

It takes one customer interaction with a less-than-engaged employee to sour the brand loyalty you’ve worked smart and hard to build. Engrave your brand’s core values and mission statement in the employees’ minds. Educating your employee about your brand’s offerings in a detailed matter will shape them as speakers of your brand. Consumers are more trusting to a salesperson that is deeply knowledgeable about the product he/she is selling. Aligning your brand’s beliefs with the employees’ beliefs unifies your brand into a unit in the eyes of the market.

Establishing an Employee Advocacy Program

Provide the employees authority in speaking about their experience working for your company. Appreciating their effort will make them vocal advocates for your brand - (target extrinsic motivations) – everyone wants to be valued and treated as a source of the brand’s success. Potential employees are potential customers, which means that they are most likely to recommend your brand’s offerings and job vacancies to their network of contacts. Making your employees ambassadors of your brand assures that they’re speaking the language you want associated with your brand.

The Golden Asset

Your employees. Treat your employees as the main asset of your brand. Invest in their skills, knowledge, and experience. Promote your brand as a learning medium to your employees. By investing in such, employees will feel that the brand cares about their growth on a personal and on a career level. Additionally, this will drive them to put their maximum expertise in the work of your brand. It will create an environment where every member of the brand is always eager to learn and develop.

Evaluate & Fixate

Similar to giving consumers forms to fill feedback and complaints, social listening is as important in the workplace. A healthy system starts from the internal functionality, that is your employee, each as a distinct individual. Encourage your employees to give their feedback and opinions about the workplace’s environment, the brand’s progress, and their perspective. The employee sees gaps that executives might not see, since the employee is in touch with the brand’s workflow on a daily basis. An honest and transparent environment facilitates the advancement of a brand.


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