Battle of the ages : Digital marketing Vs Traditional marketing

Updated: Jul 26, 2019

What is exactly the difference between digital and traditional marketing?

Digital marketing has been witnessing a meteoric rise in the past century. This growth has considerably shifted consumers’ affinity for traditional marketing outlets. But what is really meant by “traditional marketing”?

How is it considered different than digital marketing, and to what extent?

Some might consider offline traditional marketing an ice-age artifact that has fallen out of favor as of late in the market. However, we are still vastly exposed to conventional marketing on a daily basis, an encounter we cannot possibly ignore. Be it through telemarketing, broadcast outlets (TV, radio, etc.), billboards, or even print (newspapers, magazines, etc.); all have been ideal mediums for marketers to reach the masses.

When technology came, however, the dawn of a new informatics age arrived.

Digital marketing, on the other hand, is just a digitized yet more interactive type of marketing that is done through the Internet or any electronic device. It might seem different than traditional marketing only when it comes to the fourth P of marketing: promotion. But what has made digital marketing very effective and of great use by almost all businesses is the fact that it does not ignore any of the four Ps.

Digital marketers rather focus on sharing value with the audience, and not just increasing sales, by using analytics and audience interaction to mold a brand that always caters to the needs of their customers. Digital marketing strategies might include social media marketing, blogging, email marketing, creating website content, and posting banner ads; all in the aim of building a robust online presence.

Yet, these two must not operate in exclusion and isolation from one another. Both digital and traditional marketing can still go hand in hand, where the unique benefits of the paper brochures handed to interested future clients, for example, can greatly leverage the digital platforms used by online marketers.

The struggle between these two generations still persists in the market, especially with millennials becoming fonder of social media day by day, but the goal has always remained the same, this is why old-school marketing will always remain the foundation from where digital marketing originated, regardless how much each is being utilized.

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