Stepping In or Out of the Comfort Zone?

“Get out of your comfort zone.” This expression indicates that development and growth is waiting for you right on the border out of your comfort zone. Why should uncomfortableness be associated with growth, innovation, and success in the eyes of the crowd and yourself?

Regular habits, similar interactions, repeated behavior and visited places are the ingredients that bake your comfort zone. Safety and known limitations become the frosting of that cake. There are low to no risks in the comfort zone because no fear is faced. Experiencing new things lies out of comfort zone’s borders, such as meeting new people, learning a new skill, and taking business risks.

Routine is a sequence of actions regularly followed; our day becomes predictable. Can the unpredictable be comfortable? Remember that unplanned getaway or a birthday surprise and how it made you feel…?

Unpredictable things can even be more than just comfortable – they can be greatly enjoyable. As soon as we associate the new, the unpredictable with uncomfortableness, our behavior gets affected accordingly. We start approaching the new with fear and uneasiness because of our negative perception (fear of the unknown).

So how about upgrading our mindset by shifting our perspective into a positive outlook?

  • Refuse to fall a victim to the pressure of getting out of the comfort zone. Not getting out of it will put you in a guilt cycle for not achieving up to the crowd’s expectations, especially that the case is the obligation of feeling uncomfortable to indicate progress.

  • Associate new experiences with positive feelings; curiosity, joy, hope, interest, and inspiration.

  • Accompany acceptance as your best friend. Accept failure and rejection, recognize the gaps, improvise and adapt, then growth will follow.

  • Focus on the journey, not the goal. Embrace every step taken, for the road might lead you to a greater destination. Consider the journey as a learning medium, where if you did not reach your so-called goal, you’d still be winning. Acquiring a new experience and knowledge is alone a great win.

The obligation of stepping out of the comfort zone is not the mindset to adopt. The curiosity to learn through acceptance will lead the way. Our perspective holds the destiny of our reality; therefore, it is our choice to create a flourished reality in a natural flow.

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